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Famous Drinking Quotes

1. In wine, truth. a person is more truthful when inebriated - this quote is the most used one regarding the wine quotes. The author is believed to be Pliny the Elder.

2. wine makes your blood vessels and friend circles bigger for a short time- Salvador Dali, Painter

3. Champagne is the only thing I’m interested in when I’m bored- Brigitte Bardot, actress

4. A person is like a wine- the more they age, the better they become as a person.

Philip Bower

5. There is no body so solid that wine cannot break it, Plutarque. Philosopher

6. “In victory, you deserve Champagne; in defeat, you need it.” — Napoleon Bonaparte.

7. "A good wine is like a good movie: it lasts a moment and leaves a taste of glory in

your mouth; It is new in each sip and, as with movies, it is born and reborn in each

flavor." Federico Fellini

8. Wine and honey are the best medicine for both healthy and sick people if they are

natural and if they are taken correctly - Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician.

9. A man cannot find the truth in a small dose of wine, pour him too much and he will

lose it altogether - Blaise Pascal, Mathematician.

10. There is nothing better than old wine and old friendship - an English proverb.

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