• "Present the wine"
  • "Present the wine"

Our Vision & Mission

"Niamori"LLC is an entrepreneurial and driven organization with growth as its cornerstone. We are committed to growing both personally and in our businesses. Our concept and focus allows us to be differentiated from others who may be more prominent and corporately driven.
"Niamori"LLC started in specialty wine producing in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2016 and since then has grown our offerings to better serve our Georgian Wine. Niamori has expanded globally to over 4 countries (Georgia, Poland, China and Kazakhstan).


Premium Wine experience

Our Vision is to be a leading global Premium Wine Brand. Our mission is to continuously grow through innovation and dedication to excellence. Niamori is committed to always deliver a premium Wine experience.


A Passion for our Business

At the very core of Niamori success lies the passion for all we do and all we offer to our customers. This starts with the highest quality of Georgian grapes. Most of the grapes we use for our wines or sell to our customers are exclusive to Niamori. We search the world looking for the best of the best from the Georgian different regions.
Second Cup is proud that all its coffees are Rainforest Alliance Certified.